2020 - Questions and Answers

Question : If you are driving at the speed limit and another driver sounds his horn and starts to pass, you should:
Answer : Slow down and allow him to pass

Question : The speed limit for passenger cars on highways numbered by this state or the United States is:
Answer : 70 mph

Question : A vehicle should never be parked closer to a fire hydrant than:
Answer : 15 feet

Question : When choosing your driving speed, the most important thing to consider is:
Answer : The condition of weather, traffic, road, car, and driver

Question : When you are caught behind a very slow truck going up a long hill, you should:
Answer : Stay behind the truck until you reach the top of the hill and the way is clear

Question : Heavy amphetamine use:
Answer : Makes a driver less coordinated and at times more likely to be involved in an accident

Question : The maximum fine for first non-driving alcohol-related offense of possession or consumption of alcohol by a minor is:
Answer : $500

Question : Personal grooming is best done:
Answer : Before leaving your home

Question : Multi-tasking while driving means
Answer : Performing multiple functions in the vehicle at the same time

Question : The best advice for cell phone use is:
Answer : To not make or take calls if the car is not parked