2020 - Questions and Answers

Question : The definition of a driving distraction is:
Answer : Any activity that takes your mind off your driving or your eyes off the road

Question : A solid yellow line on your side of the center stripe means:
Answer : Do not pass

Question : When parking near a corner, you may park your vehicle no closer than:
Answer : 20 Feet from crosswalk

Question : If you are being passed, you should:
Answer : Keep in your lane

Question : If a child ran into the road 60-65 feet ahead of your vehicle, what is the highest speed from which you could stop before hitting him?
Answer : 20 mph

Question : The maximum daytime speed limit for passenger cars on a numbered highway is:
Answer : 70 mph

Question : When parking parallel it is best to leave the curb side wheels:
Answer : 6-18 inches from the curb

Question : The headlights must be turned on:
Answer : Answer : The lights on your car must be turned on anytime day or night when persons or vehicles cannot be clearly seen for 1000 ft

Question : A posted speed limit of 55 mph means:
Answer : You may drive 55 mph only under favorable driving conditions

Question : when following another vehicle, you should maintain a --to-- sectond following distance between yourself and the vehicle you are following?
Answer : 2 to 4