Q - Your Texas drivers license may be suspended for:

Question Your texas drivers license may be suspended for:
  Habitual reckless driving
  Causing a minor accident
  Any violation of the motor vehicle laws
  Any moving violation of the motor vehicle laws

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Habitual reckless driving

•A person's driver license will automatically be suspended if convicted of:
•Uninsured drivers become subject to license and vehicle registration suspension when accident damages amount to:
•A first offense dui by a minor (17 years of age or older but less than 21) is punishable by a fine of up to _________
•A minor’s drivers license (under age of 17) may be suspended for a first offense of driving under the influence of alcohol for:
•In Texas, the legal definition of intoxication is _______ % BAC, or any amount which results in loss of normal use of mental or physical faculties.
•As a driver, if you refuse a test to determine the amount of alcohol in your body:
•A person's driver license will automatically be suspended if convicted of:
•What do you need to have to be able to drive if you have had your license suspended?
•Your license may be suspended immediately for:
•Your drivers license may be suspended for causing:
•The Texas Safety Responsibility Law requires Texas drivers to _____________________.
•Which of the following means temporary withdrawal of a drivers license or driving privilege for a definite period of time?
•In texas, individuals under the age of __________ must complete a drivers education program to obtain a license.
•Passing on ____ is allowed on a mutilated roadway with one way traffic.
•In Texas, On a two lane two-way road, passing another vehicle on the right is legal only if?
•The minimum age requirement for a Driver License in Texas is:
•In Texas, the penalty for a DWI with a/an ___________________ is a maximum fine of $10,000 and 180 days-2 years in jail.
•Anyone who uses a vehicle in Texas while residing or working in the state for more than _____ days must register their vehicle(s).
•In Texas, the fines for speeding or for violations of the law that occur in a Work Zone are doubled when _______________.
•Texas or out-of-state moving violations that result in a crash are assessed ________ point(s) on your license.
•Texas law requires that all applicants under the age of ________ take the driving skills exam to receive a driver license.
•The maximum speed limit for passenger cars on Texas Highway numbered by this state or United States outside an urban district?
•Every vehicle operated on Texas roadways must be covered by _________ insurance through a company that is authorized to do business in Texas.
•Who must wear a seat belt in Texas?
•If a minor under the age of 21 refuses to provide a breath or blood specimen to a police officer, the minor's driver license will be suspended for a first time refusal for: